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East Sea News from 08/03 to 12/03/2017

  • Cập nhật : 15/03/2017

 -(Reuters 8/3) China says first draft of South China Sea code of conduct ready, adding tension in the waterway had eased notably.

-(GMA Network 8/3) Australia says no plan for joint South China Sea patrols with Indonesia, despite his country aimed to work more closely with Indonesia over maritime security.

-(Sputnik News 8/3) Chinese Premier: Expand military presence in South, East China Seas: Li proposed more military units in "offshore locations," a clear nod to China’s claims over the artificial Spratly and Paracel islands.

-(Forbes 8/3) Beijing is changing its tone in South China Sea disputes, adapting to the American position -- freedom of navigation?


-(PhilStar 6/3) US ramps up South China Sea patrols, as President Donald Trump's administration weighs options of how to reassure allies and respond to an assertive China.

-(Lawfareblog 6/3) Tracking compliance with the South China Sea Arbitral Award: China’s 2017 Summer Fishing Moratorium May Rekindle Conflict with the Philippines

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