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East Sea News from 01/11 to 30/11/2012

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-(Channel news asia 8/11)Hu says China should become 'maritime power’: President Hu Jintao said China should become a "maritime power" as he opened a Communist Party congress on Thursday

-(The jakartaglobe 8/11) US Role in Regional Security Underlined: Indonesian legislators have greeted Barack Obama’s re-election victory with calls for the US president to ensure that his Asia pivot does not exacerbate heightened tensions in the South China and East China seas. 

-(The diplomat 8/11) Thanks Climate Change: Sea-Level Rise Could End South China Sea Spat: Overlapping claims to islands and reefs in the South China Sea have increased tensions. They may all soon be rendered obsolete.

-(The jakartapost 8/11)Four more challenging years for Barack Obama: Besides the undisputed media projection that Barack Obama will be reelected as President of the United States for four more years, the US has been showing a constant division in its political map since the 2000 Presidential Election 

-(Nation multimedia 8/11)Obama's victory could bode well for the region: With another four years in the White house, the US president can make firm on the commitment to Asia.

-(Bangkok post 8/11) Upset waters need Asean, China unity: Thus, to reach a consensus on the territorial disputes in the South China Sea, the political willingness and commitment of all parties involved is vital. 

-(Reuters 8/11)China's Hu says graft a threat, promises reforms: Outgoing Chinese President Hu Jintao warned on Thursday that corruption threatens the ruling Communist Party and the state

-(The Hindu 8/11)Obama’s eastern pivot, made in Asia: In his second administration, the form and contours of America’s ‘Asia Focus’ will be determined more by Asians than the U.S.

-(The diplomat 7/11)Asia’s Four Big Questions for Obama’s Second Term: Reactions in Asian capitals to President Obama’s reelection are likely mixed today. 

-(Eurasia review 7/11)China Not Amenable To Conflict Resolution On South China Sea: China rigidly refuses to clarify the basis of its claims, whether they are based on the accepted international law of the United Nations Convention on the Laws of the Sea (UNCLOS) or the less widely accepted historical assertions

-(Ruvr 7/11)Russia, Vietnam can drill off South China Sea together: Medvedev stated that Russia’s government has recently allowed Vietnamese companies to explore a large oil field in the Yamalo-Nenets District

-(Indian defence review 7/11) The Arc of the India-US Partnership: Today, the India-US relationship is a transformed one with the change in Indian thinking about America being the most important element.

-(Asahi 7/11) China says Obama win offers opportunity to mend ties: China's official media said that ties with the United States were uneven in President Barack Obama's first term and mutual trust was "whittled down", but his re-election offered an opportunity to put the relationship back on track.

-(WSJ 7/11) U.S.-China Ties Set for Recalibration: A re-elected President Barack Obama will quickly face the challenge of reworking the U.S.'s most important relationship after a campaign that made China a central issue

-(Atimes 7/11)A way ahead in the South China Sea: A great deal of unrealistic hope has been invested in the notion that the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will form a bulwark against China's expansion into Southeast Asian waters.

-(Japan times 7/11)Beijing's Senkaku goal: Sub 'safe haven' in South China Sea: What's at stake in the smoldering diplomatic crisis with China over the uninhabited Senkaku Islands, which only seem to attract fishing boats and ultranationalists?

-(Gmanetwork 6/11)PNoy urges ASEM leaders to prioritize South China Sea dispute: President Benigno Aquino III on Tuesday told Asian and European leaders that the territorial dispute in the South China Sea should be among the priorities of the international community, not just of the claimant countries.

-(Eurasiareview 6/11)Decoding China’s Core Interest: The 17th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, which completed its term at Beijing on November 4, 2012, did not throw much light on any changes in nuances in the Chinese foreign policy that can be expected from the new party leadership

-(The Nation 6/11)Asem forum is a chance to foster cooperation: Asian and European leaders meeting in Vientiane this week have an opportunity for frank discussion on inter-regional issues of concern

-(Abs-cbnnews 6/11)Chinese navy holds wargames in disputed sea: China - A Chinese military fleet recently conducted long-distance island-landing and logistical support drills in the South China Sea, state television CCTV reported.

-(Kyodo news 6/11)Japan seeks Thailand's understanding on territorial row with China: Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda called Tuesday for Thailand's understanding of Japan's stance over a territorial dispute with China as he met with his Thai counterpart Yingluck Shinawatra in the Laotian capital

-(Inquirer 6/11)EU supports Asean approach to sea row: Leaders of the European Union (EU), Switzerland and Norway declared support for an Asean approach to the territorial disputes in the South China Sea

-(Eurasia review 6/11)Two Global Superpowers One Global Challenge: This is a remarkable coincidence in timing as the birth of new stars in the political universe, or indeed an imaginable rebirth in the case of the United States, is being decided. 

-(The diplomat 5/11)Australia’s Place in the “Asian Century”: Prime Minister Julia Gillard's government has developed a bold plan for embracing the "Asian Century." Can words be turned into deeds?; The New Triangular Diplomacy: India, China and America at Sea

-(The wall street journal 5/11) Beijing In a Bind: Chinese hegemony in the Pacific isn't inevitable—if Washington stands firm.

-(Channel news asia 5/11)Philippines pushes sea row at Asia-Europe summit: The Philippines on Monday pushed its call for an international solution to overlapping claims in the South China Sea at an Asia-Europe summit, saying vital global shipping lanes were at stake.

-(The jakartapost 5/11) China relentlessly harries Japan in island dispute: Chinese patrol boats have harried the Japanese Coast Guard many times a week for more than a month in an unusually relentless response to their latest maritime spat; ASEAN’s potential roles in intra-state conflict resolution

-(Georgetown 4/11)America’s “Pivot” To Asia: Evolutionary not Reactionary: America’s pivot to Asia—essentially a refocusing of global and strategic priorities after concluding wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and a wider “global war on terror” 

-(The diplomat 4/11)Can China Learn from Rome? Beijing appears intent on establishing a near-constant presence around the islands, tiring out JCG ships and crews sent to police sovereign waters.

-(Straits times 4/11)Australia, Philippines to bolster military drills: Australia and the Philippines will discuss greater security cooperation and visits by Australian forces for exercises with Filipino troops under a newly approved pact, Defence Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said on Sunday.

-(Inquirer 4/11) Sea dispute to be raised at Asem: Philippine President Benigno Aquino said Sunday his country would raise overlapping claims to the South China Sea during a summit of Asian and European leaders in Laos this week.

-(Asahi 4/11)Noda seeks closer ties with India amid isles row with China: Noda and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will agree to create a bilateral forum of senior officials to discuss security in the South China Sea when they meet on Nov. 16

-(The diplomat 1/11)U.S. Navy Take Notice: China is Becoming a World-Class Military Shipbuilder: The engine of China's naval rise has flown under the radar - until now; Vietnam’s Undersea Anti-Access Fleet

-(Eurasia review 1/11) Searching For China’s Concept Of Joint Development In The South China Sea: Aside from the absence of an official position detailing China’s concept of a JD, there are other factors that can account for the persistence of doubts and misgivings on China’s JD offer.

-(CSIS 10/2012)Thoughts from the Chairman: Looking Beyond the Horse Race: Can China’s New Leaders Reform?: The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in a few weeks’ time finally will unveil the new leadership team that will guide the world’s most dynamic nation over the course of the next decade

-(IISS 11/2012)The Sixteen Fears: China's Strategic Psychology: Understanding the cultural environment of Chinese military strategists can help determine the best ways to either reassure Beijing or steer it away from disruptive policies.

-(The diplomat 1/11)China’s Island Strategy: “Redefine the Status Quo.”: The most striking feature of China’s behavior in its maritime disputes this year has been efforts to redefine the status quo. 

-(Japan today 1/11) China defends patrols near disputed islands: Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei says the patrols constitute normal activity to exercise jurisdiction and should not be criticized; No China-Japan meeting at regional summit: Beijing

-(Manila times 1/11)China, Asean start building trust for sea code: Senior officials of China and members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) on Wednesday agreed to build trust and confidence that will lead to the adoption of a Code of Conduct (COC).

-(The age 1/11)US accused of using dispute to restrain China: A retired Chinese diplomat has warned the US is using Japan as a strategic tool in its effort to mount a comeback in Asia, a policy he said was serving to heighten tensions between China and Japan.-(Financial times 31/10)China steps up rhetoric on disputed islands: The Chinese government has dialled up its rhetoric on Japan’s control of a disputed chain of islands in a move likely to further inflame a dangerous standoff between Beijing and Tokyo.

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