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East Sea News from 13/02 to 19/02/2017

  • Cập nhật : 21/02/2017

-(Reuters 15/2) China warns U.S. against fresh naval patrols in SCS: U.S. Navy and Pacific Command leaders were considering freedom of navigation patrols in the busy waterway by the San Diego-based Carl Vinson carrier strike group.

-(The Washington Post 14/2) Michael Flynn resigns as national security adviser over revelations about his potentially illegal contacts with the Russian ambassador to the United States, and his misleading statements about the matter to senior Trump administration officials.

-(Foreign Policy 13/2) How America can take control in the SCS: Targeting sanctions against Chinese persons and companies involved in projects in the SCS; emulating China’s “cabbage” tactic in denying Beijing’s access to the SCS islands.

-(US Navy 13/2) USS Barry Conducts Man Overboard Drill in SCS while on a routine patrol in the international waters of the South China Sea, Feb. 9.

-(Navy Times 13/2) US Navy is planning fresh challenges to China's claims in the SCS: FONOPS could be carried out by ships with the San Diego-based Carl Vinson carrier strike group.

-(The Nation 13/2) Wishful thinking on code of conduct for SCS: Unless efforts are made to resolve territorial disputes, code will be meaningless.

-(AFR 12/2) Julie Bishop shifts Australia's stance on SCS: Last week's statements by Bishop, she welcomed 

dialogue between claimant states – a position that china has been advocating.

dialogue between claimant states – a position that China has been advocating.


-(National Interest 12/2) What makes China's fake island military bases in the SCS so dangerous: Sailing ships and flying aircraft through the South China Sea is one thing, but a permanent presence on the ground solidifies China’s hold on the region.

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