Tin Biển Đông


East Sea News from 01/2 to 29/2/2012

-(Gulfnews 29/2) Philippines, US to hold war games in South China Sea At the same time that the department of energy will award to private firms oil exploration contracts

-(Philstar 29/2) Admiral:US needed for South China Sea security The commander of U.S. forces in the Pacific said Tuesday the American military must be present in the South China Sea to ensure the security of sea lanes crucial to international trade

-(Guardian 29/2) Philippines reignites row with China over oil exploration rights Energy secretary José Almendras has invited foreign companies to explore offshore area, despite Chinese claims to the territory
-(Voanews 29/2) Beijing, Manila Stand Firm in South China Sea Dispute A new dispute is building between China and the Philippines over oil exploration in the South China Sea, with neither side showing any sign of backing down
-(Globaltimes 1/3) Beijing rejects US role in South China Sea The Chinese foreign ministry Wednesday firmly rejected comments by a top US military commander that the US military presence in the South China Sea is necessary for the security of the region; (Globaltimes 29/2) Beijing warns Manila over oil bid in South China Sea
-(WSJ 29/2) U.K. Firm Continues South China Sea Exploration A move that could exacerbate tensions over control of the potentially energy-rich South China Sea
-(Reuters 28/2) Conflict looms in South China Sea oil rush Claimant nations search deeper into disputed waters for energy supplies while building up their navies and military alliances with other nations; China's military build-up seen independent of U.S. moves The U.S. military commander for the Asia-Pacific region said on Tuesday